Versatile Graphene Underlies New COVID-Zapping Air Filter

23rd Feb 2021

LIGC Introduces ViralWall™: The Social Distancing Air Purifier Using Innovative Graphene Filters

29th Jan 2021

Technology Developed by BGU and Rice University Researchers Will Filter COVID-19 Particles From the Air

29th Sep 2020

Laser-induced graphene to help filter COVID-19 from air

25th Sep 2020

BGU-developed technology can filter airborne COVID-19 particles

24th Sep 2020

New Laser Induced Graphene Technology Developed by Ben-Gurion University Will Filter Airborne COVID-19 Particles

23rd Sep 2020

New Israeli-US Technology Filters COVID-19 Particles From the Air

20th Sep 2020

LIGC Raises USD 3M in Series A Funding

16th Sep 2020

LIGC raises $3 million for better air filters using electric currents and graphene

15th Sep 2020
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